“The truth shall set you free”

When I was a kid, there was no cable TV. (Some of us didn’t even have a television.)  AM radio was still king of the airwaves. 

 Back then, the popular thing was to own a transistor radio.  But it required a little finesse in order to find the right station.  Sometimes it was hard to find the right frequency. Other times, the signal was strong, and pulling in your favorite radio station was a breeze.

 Each day I could decide to choose any number of radio frequencies.  But I always looked for the one that was my favorite.

 As a sex addict, I had a favorite ‘mental radio frequency’ that I tuned into all day long:  P.O.R.N. FM!  There were a few others that I stumbled across as I searched for my favorite station. 

 Over time, it seemed that the only station I was able to pull in was P.O.R.N. FM.  All the others seemed remote; there was just too much static.  For some reason the signals to the other stations had grown very weak and the decision to find an alternative was almost impossible.  My whole day was ruled by the mental frequency I was tuned into.

 12 Step recovery has enabled me to find alternatives to the trash and smut that ruled my life for so many years.  Recovery has given me the ability to tune into the truth of my Higher Power, and let go of the lies that filled my head constantly.  Most importantly, I learned how to be free of obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions.

 I can honestly say:  “The truth has set me free.”