This Present Reality

There is a reality that is presently with us.  We are surrounded by this present reality… by its power and perfection.  What is this present reality that surrounds us?

It is the “Will of God.”

Unfortunately, many of us are living in a fantasy world, and we are blind to this present reality.  We created our make-believe world because we had to… we needed a coping mechanism in order to survive the lies – the false beliefs – we had about God and the world… lies we believed about ourselves.

“Is it possible to experience this present reality?” you may ask. 

Absolutely!  But if you remain focused on your own desires – allowing your self-will to run riot – you will not be able to see or hear the perfect Will of God… even though it is all around you.

You want to be free, and you have used your “freedom of choice” to try and get there.  But somehow, you can’t seem to create this wonderful freedom for yourself.  No matter how hard you try, it just never seems to materialize.

Here’s the truth:  The more you try to take control and fix things for yourself, the less you will experience this present reality.  Unless, by the grace of God, you are made to see just how powerless you really are – your life (the world in which you live) will continue to spin out of control.

Powerlessness is a gift.  It’s a wake-up call for you to make some radical changes.  Recognizing it is the first step you must take in order to leave behind your compulsive acting-out, and begin making healthy choices that are more in line with this perfect and present reality.

As you let go of your own desires, you will begin to see the power of this present reality – the perfect Will of God for you in this present moment.