What do you mean “you’re done with meetings”?

If a month has gone by and you haven’t attended a meeting, I would have to say that you have given up on meetings.  I used to be the one who showed up to a meeting once every two months.  I didn’t understand the importance of meetings.

Some have said that “meeting makers don’t make it.”  And that’s true.  There’s a lot more to the program than going to meetings.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t go to meetings!

I have changed my mind about meetings.  Here’s why I go regularly:  It has to do with Higher Power.

Higher Power?  What has ‘going to meetings’ got to do with Higher Power?  For me? Everything!

Early on in my recovery, when “higher power” was the topic of discussion, I typically assumed that we were talking about my God… the Christian God (Father, Son and Holy Ghost).  But lately, I’m coming to understand that “higher power” has more to do with “inner power” – the power within – and not the God that is (metaphysically speaking) ‘up’ there, or ‘out’ there.

I have come to understand that everyone has an inner power – a kind of hidden wisdom.  No matter what divinity we happen to believe in, the fact remains that we all have a “higher power” within us.  This is our compass giving us direction.  It’s our source of inner wisdom that has been buried beneath a load of addiction.

When we gather together, we share in this collective wisdom known as higher power.  We stimulate one another to do better, to draw upon our own inner resources, our inner power.  It is the fellowship that helps us to access the strength to climb out of the hole we dug for ourselves, and reach for something much higher.

The program is a spiritual program.  Don’t handicap yourself by forsaking your 12 step fellowship, for it is the fellowship that increases your capacity to access your higher power!