What is self care?

Whenever I lease a new car, I receive basically two things:  A set of keys and an owner’s manual.  The keys get it going, and the owner’s manual helps me to keep it going.

When an addict recovers from his/her addiction, they receive, in a sense, a new ‘lease’ on life.  But neither do they get a new set of keys, nor an owner’s manual.

What every recovering addict needs is a manual explaining how to take care of this new self.  And this begs the question:  “What is self care?”

 Here are a few ideas I have picked up along the way in my own recovery:

  • Self care means letting go
  • Self care means living in the present moment
  • Self care means forgiving myself
  • Self care means establishing boundaries – for myself and others
  • Self care means remaining mindful – practicing ‘mindfulness’
  • Self care means working the steps
  • Self care means rewarding myself for small accomplishments
  • Self care means being grateful

I realize that each of these points needs further explanation.  My blog entries will continue in this vein for the next several weeks.  Let’s explore what it truly means to practice ‘self care.’

It will make all the difference in your quality of life and level of recovery.