What’s done is done; let go of the past

 What does it mean to live in the past?  How can anyone ‘live’ in the past if the past doesn’t exist? 

The past does not exist.  What happened, happened once.  And you cannot go back to change it; you cannot un-ring the bell.  What’s done is done. 

 The only way to live in the past is in your head.  That is where the past ‘exists’ – in your memory.  The way we keep the past alive is by repeating the past hurts and resentments in the present.  First in our minds, and then in our actions.  But we cannot repeat these past regrets unless we ‘live’ in the past. 

 By living in the past we project our regrets and hurts into the future.  And the future (which also exists in our imagination) becomes our present circumstances.  By living in the past we are unable to shake our present circumstances.

 So, by living in the past you repeat in the present everything you have obsessed about. And your actions in this present moment will help determine your future.

 I refuse to live in the past;  instead, I choose to let go of the past – all of its regrets, hurts and resentments.  And when I let go, my future begins to look a whole lot brighter.