12 ‘Freedoms’ in Recovery…

Freedom is what recovery is all about.

Freedom from what? From your addiction, of course.
Freedom from compulsive “acting out.”

But is that all there is?

Nope. Not by a long shot.
Freedom from your addiction is only the beginning.

While lost in your addiction, you had no freedom to choose. You could not make good choices. You were powerless to do so.

Why? Because your addiction made all your decisions for you! That’s why your life became unmanageable. All was chaos…

But now you know what freedom from compulsion feels like.

And this new-found freedom is only the beginning. If you stick with the program there’s more freedom just around the corner.

If you have tasted a little freedom (the result of a spiritual awakening) why not build on this foundation? I’m talking about a life of freedom from every sort of compulsion and attachment.

Now… even though recovery is all about freedom, it doesn’t guarantee the end of pain and difficulty. Life’s problems and challenges don’t just disappear.

But you are now developing the ability to face reality in the here and now.
And you don’t need to escape into false solutions anymore.

As you learn to accept what is, you gain a new freedom – a new power – to find real solutions to the challenges that life throws at you.

Here are some new ‘freedoms’ that are available to you if you stick with the program:

  1. Freedom to remain peaceful
  2. Freedom to tell the truth
  3. Freedom to help others
  4. Freedom to take care of yourself
  5. Freedom to be grateful for all good gifts
  6. Freedom to understand your self-worth
  7. Freedom to deal with anger and resentment
  8. Freedom to do the right thing in every circumstance
  9. Freedom to love
  10. Freedom to let go
  11. Freedom to take action
  12. Freedom to accept

Freedom is what recovery is all about…