When you say ‘no’ you stop the flow!

Recovery is about moving forward.  Yes or no?  Can anyone move forward in recovery by standing still?  Certainly not!

 You must change things up if you want recovery because recovery is all about making changes:  Changes in thought; Changes in speech; Changes in behavior.

 One of the ways we prevent ourselves from moving forward is by saying ‘no’ all the time.  When we’re offered help we say ‘no.’  When we’re asked for our assistance we say ‘no.’ And we remain stuck in our ‘no.’

 One of the ways you can improve your recovery is choosing your words more carefully. 

 I have found it difficult to make better choices about my speech – the words I use when I communicate with other people.  But what has helped me is this:  Becoming more aware of my thoughts and reactions to others.  I begin by getting in touch with my feeling and attitude toward the other person.

 Am I open to this person, or am I closed?  Do I feel comfortable, or am I edgy and anxious?  It really doesn’t matter why I’m feeling the way I do; I just need to be aware of how I am feeling. 

 Self awareness is so important when it comes to making personal change.

 If I am closed, I say ‘no’ to the moment, and stop the flow – the exchange – of positive energy.  And if I say ‘no’ in any encounter with another person, I remain stuck, and I am unable to move forward in my own personal recovery.

 You see, my recovery has a great deal to do with how I relate to others.  I am a human being, and that makes me relational.  If I am struggling to relate well with others, there is something wrong with my recovery. 

 So, how do I remain open?  By saying ‘yes’ – even when I feel like saying ‘no.’  And as long as I am aware of how I’m feeling in any given moment, I am able to choose.

 If I want to move forward in my own recovery, I must learn to choose to say ‘yes.’