“When you struggle, stop and pray; and know that help is on the way”

Sometimes I get tired of my recovery.

It’s an awesome task when you think of it.  I was so accustomed to my addictive ways;  every day – every moment – spent either acting out or planning for the next spree.  And now, I find myself in recovery trying to undo a life of ‘self will run riot.’

I found it much easier to ‘act out’ than have to face reality.  Every bone in my body ached for the relief that my addiction gave me.  Most of the time I remained numb to the pain of just being human.

When I awakened to the fact that I was killing myself slowly with this addiction, I sought help.  Upon reaching out, I discovered a community of helpers ready to assist me.  And I discovered that I need not go it alone.

Are you getting tired of recovery?  Do you wish you could return to the old life of acting out?  Wouldn’t that be easier?

Don’t forget:  “You alone must do it, but you must not do it alone!”

If you try to remain isolated from God and others, you will surely fail.  Recovery from addiction is not accomplished on an island somewhere.  Recovery is a return to sanity, and a return to community.

Your Higher Power is not some fairy tale; your Higher Power is as real as the air you breathe.  When you pray, expect an answer.  There are a thousand angels ready to rush to your aid if you would but ask.

Be encouraged:  When you struggle, stop and pray; and know that help is on the way.