Work on the solution, not the problem!

“You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem.” 

 This is a familiar slogan used in Presidential speeches and the media.  There’s nothing neutral about our lives.  You can’t just sit on the fence. 

 If this is true, then there are only two concerns in this life:  The solution and problem.  It’s either/or.  Do your thoughts center around the problem or the solution?

 It’s all about focus.  What are you focused on?  Working on the problem has gotten us nowhere – just more of the same.  I’ve proven to myself that focusing on the pain, the struggle, the heartache – all the stuff I don’t want – has attracted even more pain, struggle and heartache.

 Working on the problem left me exhausted.  That’s because I tried not to think of my obsessions and compulsions.  But the more I tried not to think of my obsessions, the more I obsessed about them! 

 Focusing on the addiction itself brought me more addiction.  Trying to resist the obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior only made things worse.  Trying not to think about it made it even stronger.

 All my own efforts to change proved to be fruitless.  I was too focused on the problem:  I thought I could wrestle it to the ground.  But instead, it had me begging for mercy every time. 

 It wasn’t until I found a 12 step fellowship that I discovered the solution.  And with the help of a sponsor, I learned to focus on the solution.  Working the 12 Steps always centered on the solution – the way out. 

 If you want freedom from your obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior, start focusing on the solution; get working on the 12 Steps.